About Author

Anish George

Anish George was born in Changanacherry, Kerala, on 17th April 1978. He joined as an English lecturer in Corporate Management of School, Archdiocese of Changanacherry in the year 2002. Anish worked on the book AMAZING ENGLISH for five years before publishing it. It went viral and to date sold more than one-lakh copies around the world.

The second book 201 ESSAY was published in 2010. It became an instant bestseller and just a year later, sold more than fifty thousand copies around the world.

The third book MYSTERIES OF THE UNIVERSE is absolutely mind-blowing. It deals with the puzzling, unexplainable and mystifying aspects of our world. Readers will get something out of this book; it’s also a somewhat strange book. For those of you who decide to read it, you’re in for an interesting read.

Now Anish George lives with his wife (Melani Thomas) and two children (Issac George Anish and Hannah Alphonsa Anish) in Changanacherry, Kerala.

Contact Anish George: info@anishgeorge.com, mob – 9961353207