201 Essays

201 essays

Say YES to debates, speeches, group discussions, seminars and essay writings after all.

Here is a book that ultimately steers you to become a winner in events that usually makes the nerves of all, numb!
Now, go ahead for debates, speeches, group discussions, seminars, essay writings and all with much light-weightiness at heart.

The book 201 ESSAYS is the final answer to your mind’s innate aspirations to thrive, to get informed, enriched, enlightened and to grab those little pieces of divinity – the imperishable knowledge, the unparalleled thinking, the utmost perfection and the ultimate wisdom.

The Author likes to share…
English teachers are always in high demand at the time of secondary/senior secondary/college literary competitions. They are targeted by a vast number of students to seek help partially or fully to prepare speeches, essays or for getting core ideas, informations and explanations with regard to group discussions and debates.

So, what about bringing forth such an instant reference book to help and enrich students, I thought. Such a venture would help our student community immensely when confronting events, competitions related to debates, group discussions and various writing endeavours. Yes, the birth of a book like this has its seeding done in circumstances triggered by the above mentioned thoughts and needs. I tried to include almost all the topics related to various arenas of human interferences like science and technology, culture, arts, sports, human – welfare, major events and festivals and about the moral elements and influences too, that makes man a distinctive creature afterall. Here is a collection of informative essays, narrative essays, research essays, controversial essays, descriptive essays, analysis essays, argumentative essays, compare and contrast essays and cause and effect essays.