Amazing English

Amazing English

We have great pleasure in introducing before you our latest book ‘AMAZING ENGLISH’ – a full-fledged and fully-packed collection of almost all the curious and fun-sparkling facts in English Language. Amazing English is a book which opens before all the lovers of English Language the realm of comprehensive and extensive collection of amazing facts and facets in English Language.

Designed to kindle curiosity, it acquaints readers with the paradoxes and vagaries of the language through fun filled illustrations and examples.

The book brings forth a large fund of fun-facts, curious word puzzles, intriguing expressions, exciting language games, tongue twisters, idioms, riddles, anagrams, pangrams, palindromes etc. It is in fact the first of its kind as all such fun-sparkling facts and paradoxes have found place on a single canvas.

Amazing English will help all the lovers and treasure hunters of English Language. An expedition through Amazing English will take you to a wonder land where words unfold a magical world of surprises wrapped in fun and wisdom which does not fail to enlighten and enrich. The realms of English which have so far been left unexplored are now brought to light.

The writer has taken a daring step by thinking differently. He has created a new and dynamic classroom where words play their amazing role in skill developments and building confidence. Amazing English is anchored to give utmost help to the lovers as well as teachers of the English Language in getting touch with the most sought-after language games and other language related curious terms and facts.